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Why do SEO quotes from various agencies vary so much?

Why do SEO quotes from various agencies vary so much?

Okay, so you’ve just had a brand-new website designed for your business, and now your rather smitten with how it looks.

The website designers have gone to town on its design, and the website perfectly replicates what your business can offer.

Yet, with that said, your starting to get a bit concerned, and that’s because you’ve paid thousands of pounds for your new website, yet a couple of months on and it hasn’t generated one sale for your business.

So, what should you do?

Well, its often at this point that a business owner quickly learns that need to invest in SEO. So, then the business may ask local marketing agencies for a quote.

And this is where the business owner may start to get rather confused, that’s because the quotes may vary, but not by just a few pounds, but sometimes massively.

That’s to say where one business is offering to improve the businesses SEO for just a few hundred pound a month, another agency may well be stating that the monthly fee should be a few thousand per month.

And this often has the company scratching their heads, that’s to say, what’s a fair price to pay for SEO?

So, with this in mind a business owner may well be rather lost as to which business to choose.

Well, do not worry, that’s because we have some words of advice that may help you. We can’t tell you which SEO business to choose, yet we can offer some helpful pointers which may offer you some suggestions as the type of things that you should be thinking about when choosing an seo agency.

White hat

Okay, so white hat SEO may well be the most overused word when it comes to describing seo, yet this is exactly what a business needs.

White hat means that the job should be done properly. Notice how we use the word “should” as here’s the thing, seo agencies that offer complete rubbish in terms of quality of their work, well they often call themselves white hat as well.

So, what we are getting at is a friend may state, “ohh what you need is a white hat seo agency”- yet what may occur is you just choose a business that states they are white hat, when in reality they are not.

What you therefore have to do is carefully evaluate if the work that’s being done by your seo agency, is actually white hat or not.

And how do you do this? Well some businesses pay for independent advice from a well-respected seo agency that’s to try and ascertain whether or not the work they are getting is white hat.

Be under no illusion however, if the work isn’t white hat, well your business could incur a penalty.

And a penalty can have disastrous consequences if applied to your business, for example a business that once ranked on the first page of Google, well that business may drop to page 12 of Google for example.

Even worse, if the quality of the seo work is really bad, well the business may well be removed altogether.

So, in a nutshell, the quality has to be high, and the onus is on the business to make sure its getting quality SEO work as otherwise the business may incur a penalty.


This may sound like a really obvious point, but the location of your SEO agency can sometimes dictate the price of the SEO.

And this does stand to reason, as if a marketing agency has rather fancy office located in a busy city, well their likely to have higher overheads, and therefore the cost of the seo will most likely be higher.

So what we are getting at is if your business is located in a busy city, well why not ask for quotes from a neighbouring city or town, where the prices may well be lower.


Okay, so just like a solicitor’s practice there will be staff with different levels of skill. For example there may well be an employee who is a trainee, and then there might be another employee at the other end of the scale that has the description “senior” or “manager” bolted on to their job title.

Well what we are getting at is often businesses face fierce competition, so you want to make sure that your SEO is being implemented by an expert. If the person doing the seo work doesn’t have much experience, well the work may not cut the mustard.

So you need to partner with an seo agency that has really talented staff, but do ensure that these staff are the ones that are working on your businesses seo.

And a great way of doing this is to arrange a meeting, and don’t just test the persons seo knowledge, no also make sure that they understand your business and what it can offer.

If the person sitting in front of you hasn’t got a blooming clue about your business, well how can it improve your businesses marketing efforts?

Why the really cheap SEO quotes are often worth avoiding

Okay so flooding your inbox currently may well be quotes from seo companies that sound too good to be true. What we mean by this is the quotes may well be very low, yet the seo agency is promising the earth.

Well, the quotes may sound too good to be true because they may well be. The reason is that the work may well be low-quality, so the business may incur a penalty.

Also a business has to be realistic, that’s if the quote is low, well you have to ask yourself how much actual work will your business be getting?

If the seo company has just offered a really low quote to try and get your business, well it may well be a waste of time for your company. As if loads of seo work is needed, well a cheap seo deal may not cut the mustard.

Can we help?

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