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How to evaluate your competitor’s SEO

How to evaluate your competitor’s SEO


Okay, so you have your brand-new website that’s just been created by your web design agency.

And its safe to say your happy with how it looks, so your quick to broadcast on social media that your business has a new website.

Yet then things go rather silent, the websites not generating the leads you hoped, and you start to scratch your bonce thinking what can I do to obtain more sales?

Well this is where SEO comes in.

Yet, with that said investing in organic seo isn’t just a matter of setting a direct debit so that money can be sent to your local SEO company and overnight your business will be flooded with loads and loads of sales.

Nope, with organic seo things take time, in matter of fact most seo agencies will state the same as us, and that is if the seo is implemented correctly, i.e white hat then it can be a slow process.

And were not intending to put you off investing, as that be bad for our business! Yet, with that said we do like to be honest, and explain why organic seo is often a slow process.

Organic seo is normally a slow process because your business has to beat your competitors websites.

To be more exact, your ranking signal have to be better than your competitors. And it doesn’t end there, your website also has to be deemed more relevant that answering a query if you are to beat your competitors.

So for example, lets say your shopping around for a new jacket for your dog, and you don’t want any old jacket, you want a olive green quilted jacket for your pet pooch.

So you search for “dog jacket that’s quilted and green”- so your being rather exact with what you want.

Now the websites that are returned on the first page of Google will be the businesses that have the strongest ranking signals, and are deemed the most relevant business to that query, so they are the most relevant websites that stock quilted dog jackets that are green.

So if your business also sells the same dog jackets, and you want to rank higher than these businesses, well a good place to start would be to workout why your competitors websites are deemed as being better.

So our white hat seo agency would look at the following:

Content marketing

Are your competitors websites better at content marketing? For example, are they posting blog posts on a regular basis?

Are these blog posts good quality? If they are, do you think you could produce better quality blog posts.

We would highly recommend working with a white hat seo company, that’s in order to produce content marketing that’s better than your competitors.

Your seo agency should then optimise the following in a white hat way:

·        Meta titles and meta descriptions

·        Alt tag

·        Product or service descriptions

·        Blog posts

·        Anchor text

·        And much more


Your digital marketing agency should evaluate your competitors’ websites to see how they have presented the various services or products that the business offers.

For example, let’s say you run a car dealership, yet you know that often people know which brand of car they would like.

So you may find that the leading used car dealerships split their different cars via which brand they are.

This makes it easier to optimise the website for the various car brands that the company sells.


Your seo agency should evaluate your competitors backlinks. Your marketing agency may then spot that your competitors have hundreds, if not thousands of good quality backlinks.

This will help your business in two ways, that is you will know the benchmark that your business may wish to beat, also you may wish to contact some of the businesses to see if you can also obtain a backlink.

However, its worth remembering that your business should only seek to obtain quality backlinks.

If your business requires help with it’s SEO then why not give us a call?


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