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What should our business be writing about on our blog?

What should our business be writing about on our blog?


As you most probably already know, most businesses that are on the first page of Google will most likely have a blog somewhere on their website.

And this section of the website is normally updated by the company or it’s marketing company on a regular basis.

So, the business in question may well be writing about everything from an award ceremony they have recently attended say in Bath, right through to explaining how their new product has impressive new features and writing a long blog post about this.

Yet, at this moment in time, this information may not be much use to you, that’s as you may currently be spinning around in your office chair thinking well, what should we write on our own company blog?

So, if you are suffering from a severe case of writer’s block, well, do not worry- that’s because we are here to help you.

In order to help you on your way to writing some seriously good blog posts, here’s some top tips from our content writers on what we think businesses should be blogging about.

Also, if you haven’t got the time to be writing content marketing for your business, and your company is located in Bristol or in Bath, then why not hire us?

We are an established digital marketing agency, we can offer the following services:

·        Organic SEO

·        Local SEO

·        All work is White Hat

·        Link building

·        Content marketing

·        Bath SEO

·        SEO Bristol

#1 Put your business knowledge to good use

Whether you’re a window cleaner or a demolition contractor, one thing is for sure, that is your customers will often have questions that they frequently ask your business.

Yet answering the same questions over and over again shouldn’t be seen as an irritation, instead it’s in matter of fact an opportunity to actually improve your company’s SEO.

It’s an opportunity because you can put your company knowledge to good use, by answering these commonly asked questions through your company’s blog or via an FAQ section on your website.

And its at this point you may well be thinking well, what’s the benefit in doing this?

Why should I give away my expertise for absolutely free?

Well there’s many reasons, here are some of them:

·        A good blog post can help to keep readers on your company’s website for longer

·        It can mean if your website answers the questions that your visitors want answering then your bounce rate could decrease

·        It can mean that other websites may link to the work

·        It can mean that your website is deemed more relevant for what it is your business does, and therefore your businesses rankings may improve

So, as you can see, content marketing is now an integral part of SEO.

#2 It has to be white hat!

Sometimes a business will spot that its flagging behind the competition, so may then look to catch-up with its competitors as quickly as possible.

Yet if this may comes at the cost of quality, well, if that’s the case then the business could incur a penalty. This is why it’s so important that a business only invests in quality white hat seo.

#3 Learn from your competitors

Some businesses implement SEO rather blindly, that’s to say they beaver away at implementing seo yet neglect to keep an eye on what the competition are doing.

However, here’s the thing, your competitors will be ranked on the first page of Google for a reason, so as long as they are using white hat methods, well, your business may wish to note how they are implementing their seo.

For example, what are those businesses writing about on their blogs?

Where have those businesses obtained their backlinks from?

However, do not copy work from one of your competitors, so for example don’t copy and paste their blog posts onto your own website, as this will mean that your business will incur a penalty.

For example, if your website uses duplicated work, well your business could incur a Google Panda penalty.

So, the work you create must be original to that website.

So, all my website has to do is write blog posts and then it will reach the top of Google?

Not quite, no.

Often for a business to reach to the top of Google it has to implement many different types of SEO, so from link building through to technical seo.

So, if your business, or an SEO company focuses on just one form of SEO, like adding content marketing well, often this isn’t enough for that business to reach the first page of Google.

Keyword stuffing

As a final note its worth saying a thing or two about keyword stuffing, the reason it’s worth mentioning this is because often businesses can make the following mistake.

That mistake is knowing which terms they want their business to appear for on Google, but then mentioning those terms too many times on their website.

So, for example, lets say you run an accountancy practice, you may write a blog post that mentions “Accountants + name of city” too many times.

This could trigger an algorithmic or a manual penalty such as a Google Panda penalty. Now incurring such a penalty is no laughing matter, its not like a small fine can be paid and all is forgotten about.

No, instead it can mean that a business’s rankings drop, and sometimes drop sharply.

So for example, many businesses here in Bristol, and across the U.K will have hired an SEO agency that has implemented low-quality SEO, this can mean that the business is removed from Google, so this is why its so important that you hire a “white hat company”, a business that will offer you quality work.

Also, if the seo work is deemed really low quality, well the business could be removed, and it may take sometimes a very long time for the businesses rankings to recover.

So, in a nutshell, if your business wants to get placed on the first page of Google, the SEO work should always be white hat.

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