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Four ways a business can improve it’s onsite SEO

Four ways a business can improve it’s onsite SEO

Quite often us seo agencies talk about rather complex SEO’s issues, such as a major algorithm changes for example, like the Google Hummingbird update, or perhaps the seo company publishes a rather wordy article about how to build backlinks.

These blog posts may well be interesting, yet what a business often wants to do is find a number of different ways that they can improve their businesses seo (Search Engine Optimisation) easily.


So, this got our marketing agency thinking, that is what do we think are the four easiest forms of seo to implement?

However, we have to say that SEO is rarely easy, that’s to say the businesses that rank of the first page of the SERP’s in Bristol are not going to give up their places easily.

Often for some businesses here in Bristol and also in Bath their website can often be the sole way the business promotes it’s services or its products.

So, to improve a businesses SEO to the point where it overtaking these businesses, well, that often involves a lot of work.

Plus, there’s rarely a quick fix to get any business onto the first page of Google, however, with saying that, there are some areas of SEO that are important, and can be implemented quickly.

So here you are, here’s four different ways you can improve your businesses seo, however remember that all search engine optimisation work should be white hat.


And what do we mean by white hat?

Well, whether you appoint an digital marketing agency, like Top Space, which is a marketing agency that serves Bath and also Bristol, in the South West of England, or you implement the SEO yourself, all work must be white hat.

This means that you must follow Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, the business must therefore adhere to what are known as “white hat” methods to optimise a website.

For example, backlinks must be built in the correct way, also content marketing must be written correctly.

This is why so many businesses hire an SEO agency, that has a good reputation and will only implement white hat work.

If the business hires the wrong agency or the businesses seo is not white hat, then Googlebot which is the bot that Google uses to crawl and index the web detects low quality seo, well, a penalty may well be issued.

That’s to say when Googlebot notices that a business has used low-quality SEO, then the business may incur a penalty.

An example of a penalty that you may have heard about would be a Google Panda or a Google Penguin penalty.

There are two main types of penalties that are issued by Google, that’s for using low-quality SEO, they are algorithmic penalties and manual penalties.

A penalty can mean that a website drops in terms of where it ranks, or a business can be removed completely for flouting Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. So, our top recommendation is to only invest in high-quality SEO, that’s implemented by a digital marketing agency that follows Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

If your business is optimising your company website for another search engine, then the marketing agency or indeed your business should also follow those guidelines as well. In a nutshell, the business should only use white hat SEO.

What does onsite SEO mean?

SEO falls very broadly into two categories, that’s onsite and offsite seo, so an example of onsite would be adding meta titles and meta descriptions- and why is this onsite?

Well, its onsite because its exactly that, it’s working on your own website.

Yet offsite seo is different, its adding work to another website to improve your businesses seo, yet again all work must be white hat.

So, for example, let’s say you run a architect’s practice and you specialise in drawing architects plans for new build houses.

Now a leading website that talks about news relating to architects wants to publish a story about your company, so you help the website to write an article.

You write this article, and then you add a backlink back to your company’s website, this is an example of offsite seo.

Onsite seo is different, it means improving the SEO on your own website, such as:

·        Meta titles

·        Meta descriptions

·        Anchor text

·        Internal links

·        Lowering your businesses bounce rate

·        Adding content marketing

·        Adding ever green content marketing

·        Improving the design of your companies website

So now that you’re all the wiser as to what constitutes as being offsite, and what constitutes as being onsite seo, lets have a look at four different ways that you can improve your businesses onsite seo.


So, here are our top four recommendations for improving a businesses onsite seo which are as follows:

#1 Add meta titles and meta descriptions

Adding meta titles and meta descriptions is an absolute piece of cake- yet with that said we wouldn’t recommend firing up the espresso machine, then to start writing meta titles and meta descriptions at an awesome speed.

That’s to say you shouldn’t rush writing your meta titles or meta descriptions, as this is when a keyword, such as “builders Bristol” may crop up too many times, instead you want to make sure that each meta title and meta description describes what each page is about.

If you don’t, then the visitor could land on that page, see that its not what they want to purchase, then leave the website, contributing to increasing the businesses bounce rate.

So for example, lets say you run a car dealership in Bristol, South West England and your business sells used cars, new cars and offers to MOT and repair cars.

Now lets say your web designer has written MOT Bristol into every meta description, well someone looking for a new car may click the link, as your business comes up for “new cars Bristol” yet then they are shown the MOT page of the website, so your SEO consultant must make sure that every page on the website has a meta title and meta description that matches what the page is about.

And why should you carefully write your businesses meta titles and meta descriptions?

Well, with good reason, that’s because a meta title and meta description can persuade a person to click on your business.

As here’s the thing, just because your rather clever seo agency has now got your business onto page one of Google, well this doesn’t mean that your company is now the clear victor.

Yes, of course if your business is ranked higher up the page your more likely to get more clicks, but stop for a second and think about this, what if one business, say the bottom listing, well this had a meta title that grabbed the persons interest.

So for example, to fuel your espresso rush your looking to purchase ethically sourced coffee beans online, and not one business states that its beans are “100% ethically sourced”- but one business does, one business says just that, it’s the bottom listing.

Yet this business doesn’t stop there, it also tells you that all of its coffee beans are also organic, now you are sold, now you click this business above all the other competitors.

So now can you see why a carefully written meta title and meta description are so important?

So spend time writing them, and you may just improve your businesses CTR, which is just a rather fancy way of saying click through rate.

#2 Use internal backlinks

Yes, use internal backlinks! Yet, you must always do this in a white hat way, so let’s say you run a business and you sell cleaning products for use in the home, but these aren’t just any old cleaning products, nope, they are cleaning products that care for the environment.

Now there will be a lot of people that wish to use cleaning products that help to protect our environment, but these products are different, so they are going to have to come accompanied with some advice explaining how they help protect the environment.

So let’s for example you sell laundry powder, and you write a blog post explaining the benefits of this particular product.

Now you mention a chemical that’s normally found in laundry powder, but in this blog post you haven’t got the time to go into any great detail about why this chemical is bad for the environment.

But you then remember you have already written a blog post about this, so you may then provide a backlink within the article to another blog post that you have already written.

Now you may well be thinking why on earth would this help my businesses SEO? Well, if you were to ask most digital marketing agencies you would know that if you can keep a visitor on your website for longer, while reducing your businesses bounce rate, well this is considered good for a businesses seo.

#3 Blog

Write blog posts for your website, yet make these useful- what do we mean by useful?

Well, what we mean is think of the questions that your customers normally have, and then offer advice to those questions.

So for example you may well be a dentist, and one of the most commonly asked questions you may get asked is how do I stop tooth ache quickly?

Well, you may wish to write a blog post about this, its going to be useful to your customers.

Plus, it may be such a good blog post that other businesses link to it, so your business may obtain good quality backlinks.

#4 Call to action

Add calls to action onto certain pages of your website, for example, lets say you run a solicitors practice, and you specialise in the area of divorce. Well, you may add a call to action, which is just a prompt to the reader to do something, like fill in a contact form so a solicitor can call them back that day.

So for example, someone who was reading what your solicitors practice can offer may read a button that reads “Do you want us to call you back?”– and they may fill in their details, and therefore the business now stands a much better chance of explaining more about what the business can offer, and hopefully turning that person into a paying customer.

How we can help your business

We offer quality white hat SEO, if you would like a quote for your business then why not call us?


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