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How do you build backlinks?

How do you build backlinks?


Whether your launching a brand-new business in Bath, England or perhaps in Bristol, there’s a high probability that your business may want to invest in SEO, which stands for search engine optimisation.

And if your business does want to invest in SEO, then you more have likely heard that backlinks are an important part of the SEO process.

That’s to say they are kind of like tea and milk, or bread and jam- they go together.

Yet this doesn’t explain why they are so important, and with over 200 signals that are taken into account by Google’s algorithm to work out how important a website is, well why do seo agencies  focus so much of their time on building backlinks?

Well we are going to answer that question, and a lot more, so if you want to find out why backlinks are so important, this is the blog post for you.

Yet if your in a bit of a rush, and do not want to read the whole article, we have condensed why backlinks are important into three categories mentioned below:

Quality backlinks can send link juice

So let’s say for example you run a construction business in Bristol, yet this is a highly competitive business sector, so your in competition with not just a few other businesses, but more than likely hundreds of other businesses.

So how does a business standout, well this is why many businesses in Bristol, and also in Bath hire us to improve the businesses online marketing.

Yet, how does Google decide which businesses should be placed on the first page of Google?

Well, it all boils down to what are called ranking signals, there are over 200 in total.

This means that Googlebot will crawl and index the web, it will spot your businesses ranking signals and then calculate how strong the businesses ranking signals are.

Now there are over 200 ranking signals, yet with that said not all of the 200 signals are worth the same, that’s because backlinks are considered to be one of the most important, an example of a less important ranking signal would be say a meta description.

So backlinks are important, yet the backlinks must be quality, if they are not quality then the business could incur an algorithmic or a manual penalty.

So your business will need quality backlinks, that are built in a white hat way and the backlinks must also be relevant to your business.

Many businesses here in Bristol will have had a go at building backlinks themselves, yet if the backlinks were low quality then the business may incur an algorithmic or a manual penalty, and example of such a penalty would be a Google Penguin penalty.

Many businesses who have built low-quality backlinks will have received this penalty, it can mean that the business drops substantially in terms of where it ranks, plus also it can mean that sometimes the business can be deindexed, which basically means that the business is removed from Google.

It can sometimes mean that it will take the business a very long time for the business to recover from the penalty.

So, our recommendation is simple only hire an SEO company that offer’s top-quality white hat seo work, and make sure that all of the backlinks are quality backlinks.


The backlinks must also be relevant to your business, so for example, lets say you run a car dealership in Bath, England that specialises in selling luxury and classic cars.

Now there’s a few car dealers in your area, so you want to get your business to the top of Google.

To do that, you want to invest in organic SEO, and for the Bath SEO agency to build backlinks.

Yet the backlinks must be high-quality, they must also be relevant, so for example they should be from a high-quality website that is do with classic and luxury cars, they should be from say a rugby club as the backlinks will not be relevant.

So the backlinks must be relevant and also from a high-quality website.

Can make your website more authoritative

So what’s the whole point in building backlinks?

After all, to gain one single backlink may take over a day’s worth of work, plus the large businesses that are on the first page of Google, the businesses that sell say bathroom suites, sofa’s and car insurance, well there likely to have thousands if not millions of backlinks, so what’s the whole point?

Well, for a business to get onto the first page of Google, especially for businesses that operate in competitive business sectors, such as car insurance, they are going to need a lot of high-quality backlinks.

As if they have not got high-quality backlinks, well there competitors in Bristol or indeed in Bath will, and as backlinks are widely regarded as one of the most important ranking signals, without backlinks the business is unlikely to get onto the first page, if their direct competitors do have a lot of good quality backlinks.

So, what are backlinks exactly?

Well, backlinks fall into one of two categories they are internal backlinks and external backlinks.

So, lets say for example you run a business that sells clothing, and let’s say one of your fashion experts is writing a blog post about the must have look that you need to wearing this summer.

And within the blog post you see the words “organic cotton t-shirts” so you click the link, and you are then taken to the page that sells these t-shirts, but you stay on the same website, this means therefore that this backlink was an internal backlink. It means that you have clicked the anchor text that says “organic cotton t-shirts” and then you’ve followed an internal backlink to another page on that website.

These internal backlinks have some SEO importance, that’s because most digital marketing agencies believe that internal backlinks can help Googlebot to crawl and index your website a lot better, so there is some benefit from internal backlinks, however the backlinks that really help to improve a businesses seo are external backlinks, that’s if the backlinks are of good quality.

Your SEO company in Bristol should therefore be looking to build quality backlinks for your business.

Seo companies such as ours use internal backlinks to  help keep a person on your companies websites for longer.

So for example, someone may well be searching to buy an electric drill, but they also want to purchase drill bits at the same time, so if you make it easy for the person to buy the drill, but also see that they can also buy drill bits from the same website, well that person may purchase two items, as opposed to just one item, so as you can see internal links are useful.

Internal links are also used to help someone get to the information that they want. So for example, lets say someone is looking for a dentist that offers teeth whitening, well they may not want to know about all the different services the dentist offers, so if they click the teeth whitening link, they can be taken to that page, therefore helping the reader find what they want, and potentially reducing the websites bounce rate.

Now external links are some seo agencies often spend a lot of time building, that’s because they can help to improve the businesses seo.

An example of an external backlink would be say you are looking to purchase a new car, and you select the model you want on the manufacturers website, yet when you click on the car you want you are taken to another website, that website is the dealership that stocks that model car near to you. This would be an example of an external link.

Why are backlinks an important part of the SEO process?

Backlinks are important because they are often needed to get your business onto the first page of Google.

That’s to say its more than likely that part of the reason that your competitors are ranked where they are is because they have backlinks.

And as most seo companies will tell you, backlinks are an important part of the SEO process, so often to get your business onto the first page of Google, you will need backlinks.

Why must our backlinks be quality?

If your websites backlinks are not quality then this could mean that your website incurs a penalty.

That’s to say loads of businesses have thought that they could improve their businesses SEO by using low quality links, however this often results in just thing, and that is the website incurring a penalty.

How many backlinks does my business actually need?

This is for sure the million-dollar question. It’s also a question that our digital marketing agency gets asked frequently, which means that we should be pretty good at answering it by now.

So here’s the thing, link building often never comes to an end. Now you might be thinking well, were  bound to say that right?

That’s because the more were working on improving a businesses SEO, well the more we get paid.

But that’s not why we say link building never comes to an end. The real reason why building backlinks never comes to an end is there will always be another company that will also want to get their business onto the first page of Google.

This means that as soon as some businesses stop investing in seo, well quite often they will be overtaken by another business.

That’s to say your business may have say 100 good quality links, but that’s not to say another business cannot beat that number of backlinks, and therefore possibly be ranked higher.

How do you build backlinks?

We strongly recommend that your business earns links, and what we by this is that your business should offer good quality information.

So, let’s take our business for example, we publish many blog posts that help to explain how SEO works.

This means that other businesses may mention our work in their own blog posts, and therefore offer us a backlink, and this is what we mean by earning backlinks.

Can your SEO agency help?

If you would like to obtain a quote, then why not give us a call?



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