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Our 4 top tips to help you to improve your businesses local SEO

Our 4 top tips to help you to improve your businesses local SEO


There is now so much advice online on how you can improve your businesses local SEO. This advice can range from adding Schema to your website, right through to making sure that your businesses NAP details are on your website.

And this is all well and good, yet what often happens is that a business owner simply wants to know which methods of SEO will help the most.

That’s to say, perhaps the business hasn’t got the time to be adding Schema to their website, or building high-quality backlinks.

Instead the business may wish to implement white hat seo, yet SEO which is easy to implement.

So, with that in mind, we have come up with four of our top tips to help you to improve your businesses local SEO.

#1 Revisit your Google My Business page

Perhaps you haven’t even set-up a Google My Business page yet, if this is the case, well we strongly recommend that your business sets-up a Google My Business page.

However, if you have already got a Google My Business account, well we think you should check the details and make sure they are still correct.

For example, has your business changed its address? Has the businesses phone number changed? If so, you should update your account.

Now, with that said, perhaps all of the business’s details are correct, yet the Google My Business account just lacks detail.

So your business should spend the time that’s needed to:

·        Create a detailed business description

·        Add the businesses opening hours

·        Add pictures of the business, i.e the store front, or your staff

·        Make sure that the NAP details are correct

·        Add a link to your website

#2 Add blog posts

This is an important point, and that is in order to improve your businesses SEO, you should add quality blog posts.

Note that we stated the word “quality”- the reason for this is so many businesses add blog posts which are not quality. Low quality seo could trigger a penalty, so we highly recommend that only white hat seo is implemented.

We recommend that your business adds blog posts which answers questions that your business gets commonly asked.

So for example, let’s say you are a family lawyer, and you run a family law practice, well you may often get asked how does the divorce process actually start.

Therefore if you write a blog post, which describes how the divorce process starts, if the quality is good then many people may read the article.

Also if other businesses like the work, well they may link to it, which means that your business may obtain quality backlinks as well.

However, its worth stating that your business should only obtain quality backlinks.

#3 Onsite seo

Your business may have invested a lot of money into a brand new company website, yet sometimes a lot of websites lack the most basic SEO details.

For instance, some new websites will not have meta titles, meta descriptions, alt tags and product or service descriptions.

Sometimes some services or products are described just using a few words, this may mean that this page on the website may well be deemed as “content thin”. This basically means that the page lacks detail.

Instead here at this seo agency we always believe that its far better to put more effort when describing the services or product that your business offers.

As often this can service to reduce a websites bounce rate.

So for instance, even if you think the service is self-explanatory, lets say you are a builder that builds new homes, well we think a business should elaborate more.

For example you may wish to state how you can make homes more energy efficient, and talk about the type of homes that your have previously built, and provide links to other pages which showcase your businesses work.

This will make a more detailed website, and this can help to improve your businesses SEO.

#4 Invest in white hat seo

Even though your business may well be implementing SEO yourself, we believe you should partner with a white hat seo company for seo advice.

So many businesses do not implement the correct seo, which can sometimes result in a business incurring a penalty. A penalty can mean that a business drops in terms of where the business ranks, so perhaps your business is on the first page, yet after a penalty the business may well end up on the 11th page.

If your business requires help with its seo, then why not call us?

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