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8 ways you can improve your onsite SEO

8 ways you can improve your onsite SEO


When most business owners think about SEO, they think its super complicated, and sometimes it can be.

For example, building high-quality backlinks, which can send “link juice” to a website, well that often requires a lot of skill.

Yet, there are always ways that a business can improve their seo through ways which are much simpler to implement.

So this had our digital marketing agency thinking, what are the easiest forms of seo to implement onsite?

But remember, that all seo work should be white hat!


#1 Get blogging

Content marketing is a very important part of implementing white hat SEO. Yet, with that said you really do have to understand what white hat seo means, and also how to create content marketing that will help to improve your company’s website.

What we mean by this is so many businesses think that content marketing is an absolute piece of cake!

Often stating things along the lines of “its only written words, how hard can it be?”

Well, sure but often a business can over optimise the work, so for example it targets the words it wishes the business to rank for in an over the top way.

Or, sometimes the business will just create rubbish work, which can contribute to a business obtaining a sky-high bounce rate, which again doesn’t help a business’s SEO.


So, what is the solution?

Well, that’s simple! Your customers will have questions, if you can answer these questions better than your competitors, well this is the kind of work that will help your businesses seo.


#2 Make sure that Google can read your website

A mistake that some businesses make is that Google is not able to index their website. This basically means that when Googlebot crawls your website it cannot read the website.

This means the website will not rank on Google. The problem could be caused by something as simple as the no-index tab being left on, or it could be something that will require a website design business.

In either case this is something that needs to be fixed right at the start.


#3 Mobile friendly yes, but is it easy to use?

If you run a business that has a website, well you’ve probably heard various seo agencies stating how important it is to have a mobile friendly website, and in a nutshell it is really important!

Yet, some business treat having a mobile friendly website kind of like a tick box exercise, that’s to say it is either mobile friendly or it is not.

Which is kind of true, yet the leading digital marketing agencies will be interested in how well the mobile version works.

That’s to say is it easy to use? When your on your smartphone does it load quickly? So you guessed it usability is massively important.

This is why many businesses work with both an seo agency and also a website design business to constantly improve their website. This often means at looking at ways to reduce the websites bounce rate.


#4 Meta titles and meta descriptions

Have you just purchased a new website? Well, you may now be really happy with the design of the website.

Yet, more often than not a new website can be lacking some of the most basic SEO elements.

For example, a website may look like its finished, that’s to say it looks great, all the products and services seem to be on the website. Yet, sometimes the basic seo elements such as the websites meta titles and meta descriptions can be missing.

For those that do not know what these are, they are simply a few lines of text that describes what that page or blog post is about. They are super easy to implement, so if your website hasn’t got them you may wish to talk to your seo company to make sure they get added to your website.


#5 NAP

It’s a crucial part of SEO to have your businesses NAP details on the website, that’s to say the name of the business, the company address and also the companies phone number should be on the website.

This is especially important if you are implementing local seo.

#6 Contact form easy to use?

This is another really basic seo consideration, yet one which can help to improve the conversion rate on your website.

You should make it as easy as possible for people to contact your business, so is the contact form too long? Does it ask to many questions?


#7 Content thin?

Some websites can be “content thin” this basically means that some pages may not have enough of a description.

For example, let’s say you retail coffee machines, well, if you just describe your coffee machines in just one short sentence, well that page is unlikely to rank high.

Instead a far better approach to your SEO would be to have a detailed description of each coffee machine.

Also you should aim to answer commonly asked questions about each coffee machine, this will help to improve your businesses seo, if the work is implemented in a white hat way.


#8 Obtain good quality white hat seo advice

It’s all well and good implementing seo yourself, yet if you do not follow white hat methods, well your business could incur a penalty.

There are loads of algorithmic and manual penalties that can be issued for getting the seo wrong, so we recommend partnering with a white hat seo company.

Can we help your business?

If your business requires help with its SEO, then why not give us a ring?

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