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What are backlinks are why are they important?

What are backlinks are why are they important?


If you’ve ever read an SEO report, you will know that it’s hard not to read one page that doesn’t state the term “backlinks”.

So, as you can imagine they are an important part of the seo process. Yet, with that said, there will still be loads of business owners that simply haven’t got a clue as to what backlinks are, and also how they help your business.

But do not fear, as our seo experts are about to explain why backlinks should be part of your seo strategy.

What are backlinks?

Let’s say you are looking to treat your pet dog to some better-quality dog food, he fancies a change.

So, you may go to a website that talks about the breed of dog you have, and there you may find a blog post about this new range of dog food.

All well and good, but you want to read more about this food, and what’s in it, so you click a link that takes you to the manufacturer’s website. There you go, you’ve followed a link.

From a customer’s perspective it makes it easier for them to find websites that will answer there questions. So, for example the person writing the blog post about the dog food what’s it to be useful and to make their website a resource so that you return.

Therefore, that’s why the blog will have linked to the company that makes the dog food.

Yet let’s not look at this from an seo perspective, and that is if a website has more quality backlinks that are relevant to that business, this can help to improve the businesses seo.

So here’s the thing, Google’s algorithm is interested in knowing how many backlinks a website has, what the quality of those backlinks are and also if they are relevant.

The quality of the backlinks is a massive factor

Some marketing agencies and also some businesses will notice that one or many of their direct competitor(s) has thousands of good quality backlinks.

While in comparison their website may only have a few, with this in mind they may start building backlinks on mass- yet this is often where things go wrong!

The reason being is this, quality is more important than quantity. If your business was to build loads of rubbish backlinks, well this could result in the business incurring a penalty.

Such a penalty is the Google Penguin penalty.


Google Penguin  

Many seo companies and many businesses have built their backlinks incorrectly. Whether this is due the links being spam or just not using white hat methods, a lot of businesses have received Google Penguin penalties.

It’s therefore worth consulting with a respected white hat agency for advice before you build any backlinks.

The reason being is a Google Penguin penalty can mean that your website drops in terms of where it ranks, plus also it can sometimes take a very long time for a website to recover.

This is why our marketing agency only ever uses white hat methods.

How do you earn backlinks?

We always think that the best way to build backlinks for any business is organically. Here’s what we mean by that, we mean that your website should offer useful information, this way other websites may wish to link to your website, that’s without you even asking them to do this.

Let’s give you an example, you manufacturer dining tables, and you handcraft these tables depending on the latest styles.

Now you may offer advice via your website, such as the different types of wood that is available and also styles of dining tables that will suit different types of properties.

Now your articles may be so good interior design websites decide to link to you, so this would mean your business would be obtaining backlinks.

But its always worth remembering this, your seo company should be regularly checking the health of your businesses backlinks.

As if your business is accumulating spam backlinks, well this can mean your website may incur a link penalty.

How we can help

As you can see when building backlinks there’s a lot to think about. This is why many businesses here in the U.K ask seo agencies like ours to implement their seo.

We offer an affordable service, so why not give us a ring?


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