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Which digital marketing agency should we choose?

Which digital marketing agency should we choose?


As a business owner, you are most certainly spoilt for choice when it comes to finding a new seo agency here in Bristol.

That’s because Bristol is bursting at the seams when it comes to having digital marketing agencies and seo companies.

So, whether your business needs organic seo, help with your social media or just some help building new backlinks, there are simply loads and loads of marketing agencies to choose from.

So, with all these companies wanting your business, how on earth do you go about choosing the right one?

Well, we offer top quality seo, yet besides us bragging about how good we actually are as an agency, we thought we would write a useful article to help you find your next seo company in Bristol.

Therefore, this article explains what we think you should look for when choosing your next agency.

Got to be white hat

When looking around as to which company to choose, you may well be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of marketing jargon that’s often stated on some agency’s websites.

So much so that a lot of people will be reaching for an aspirin, whilst wondering what on earth does all this jargon actually mean?

Well, a lot of this marketing jargon can sometimes be used in seo to describe some rather trival details, yet there’s one phrase that you should pay particular attention to.

That term is “white hat seo”- quite simply put, it means that a business is implementing seo correctly.

The opposite to this would be to implement rubbish seo, which often results in a website incurring a penalty.

Now a penalty is no laughing matter, and that’s because your website could drop like a lead ballon in terms of where it ranks.

So, your business may have grown farmilar with hitting a certain volume of sales each month, and that’s because the seo company got your website onto the first page of Google, yet then suddenly your website may have incurred a penalty. This penalty can mean that sales then start to drop off a cliff edge.

So simply put, often cheap seo is a false economy.

So, a word to the wise, don’t just opt for the cheapest quote, choose a business that offers quality work.

Think about the agency’s location

It’s all well and good choosing an agency that’s based miles away, yet the train tickets needed to get to that agency may start to hurt your wallet.

For this reason, some businesses will choose to opt for an agency that’s based locally.

Must know their stuff

It’s really easy for any agency to send out a sales person that knows everything there is to know about seo.

Yet, once the agency has you signed up to say a 12-month contract for SEO, you may start to get the distinct impression that the other staff members don’t know that much about white hat seo.

So, here’s our best advice, don’t sign up to any contract, that’s until you have met the exact person who will manage your account.

Then bring a friend that knows a thing or two about seo, like your website designer for example, and then pick the seo agencies brains.

If they know their stuff, we’ll all well and good, however if you start to hear “I will have to check the answer on that one”- then your alarm bells should start ringing.

Remember its white hat seo that your business needs, so before choosing any seo company in Bristol do make sure they are offering white hat seo.

Choose an agency that doesn’t try to be everything to everyone

Sometimes an agency will set themselves up offering everything from logo design, through to proclaiming to be experts at organic seo.

This is all well and good, as some businesses may have a large number of staff that can fulfil every task that their client gives them to do.

However, here’s the thing, sometimes some agencies try and do too much, and ultimately one area of the business will fail.

Often this will be the businesses seo, as organic seo especially it takes a large amount of skill. But also with organic seo things change, so there’s no point in employing a marketing agency that’s implementing outdated seo methods.

No what you really want is an seo consultant that really knows there stuff, and that seo company keeps their knowledge up to date.

Don’t pay over the odds

Sometimes some businesses recognise that seo is their most important way of generating sales.

With this in mind they may opt for the largest, and most expensive agency that they can find.

Believing that the most expensive, must be the best, well, this can sometimes be a flawed idea.

Sometimes some of these agencies will offer what the business is looking for, however sometimes you may well be just paying over the odds to use a certain agency.

What this means is that sometimes an agency will go down the route of only wanting to work with large businesses. And in order to deter the smaller businesses from investing they may well increase prices.

Yet, the businesses that do remain, well you guessed it, they may well be paying over the odds for a service that they could get else where for cheaper.

How we can help

If your business requires high quality, yet affordable SEO, then why not give us a ring?  

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